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Website Security Upgraded

Due to the recent fraudulent credit card transaction that we encountered, we have upgraded the security on the website. If anyone encounters any issues placing an order with a credit card please let us know.

When placing an order with a credit card, just keep in mind that the billing address and zip code must match, and the ccv number must be correct. If not, it will be declined.

This recent attacker just kept entering random numbers until he got a match. He got lucky. There is also a minimum of three attempts in place now, so if after the third attempt it is not correct, you will be locked out.


Hacker Alert!

Beware of Bahrul Anwar. IP address Numerous attempts to place an order with fictitious address (str 89 NYC, NY 10001) fake phone number (3026045522) fake email address (

Funny how they keep trying! IP address is from California, New York shipping address, Delaware phone number. 99 attempts to place an order, and 99 times order was denied! LOL!! Nice try but once again DENIED! Our website is too secure for your little games.

Your name and IP address have been reported to the proper authorities.


Top Customers of the Year!

Final standings for the top customers of the year for 2015.
1. Mark Miller $50 Gift Certificate
2. Daniel Makarits $25 Gift Certificate
3. Christopher Skog $10 Gift Certificate
Thanks for your continued support! It is customers like you that keep us in business year after year. We want to thank all our loyal customers both old and new, and hope to continue to do business with all of you in the future.
Congrats to the winners! It was a lot closer this year, and some last minute purchases changed up the leaderboard.
Happy New Year!!


We are open!

We are back! Store is now open. We added more cards yesterday, and will be adding more new items periodically through the day.


Vacation Schedule

We will be leaving for vacation on 09/30/2015 and returning on 10/18/2015. The store will remain open, but no orders will be processed.

The homepage will show our vacation schedule, and you will still be able to place orders, but no orders will be shipped until we return on 10/18/2015.

If you need to place an order, please do so before we leave to assure that you will receive your items in a timely manner.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up ahead of time. If you need supplies, or anything else, make sure you order them before the end of the month.

I will still do the weekly specials and featured items, and update them on Saturday mornings like normal, but just might be late doing so.

See our Facebook page for any other important announcements


Labor Day Weekend Sale

Labor Day Weekend Sale!!

25% off all products in the store

Sale starts 09/05/2015

Sale ends 09/08/2015


Back Online!

The website is back up and running! We spent most of the weekend getting the store upgraded to our new look. We could not have done this without the help of Kris Martel over at Morning Cactus. He once again outdid himself, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome!

We have ironed out all the bugs, and it appears that everything is working just fine. We would like to know what you think. Comments, suggestions, likes, dislikes, or if you encounter any problem whatsoever let us know. You can contact us here through the website, or click on the facebook icon and leave us a comment on our facebook page. While you are there, leave us a review!

Thanks again for your patience, and I will get the weekly specials , and the featured items updated this weekend, right after I get my lesson on WordPress for dummies lol!



We will be proceeding with the website upgrade this weekend. The store will be shut down on Friday 07/31/2015. We will be up and running again with a brand new awesome looking site on Monday 08/03/2015. You will not be able to place an order, and I can not process any orders during this upgrade. If you need something asap, please order no later than Thursday. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Design Change

We will be doing a major design change to our website in the upcoming weeks. We do believe it is time for a new look. If you have any suggestions on what we can do to make the website more user-friendly and any suggestions on what you feel we can do for you the customer, to make it better, let us know.
We have a lot of ideas, but we would like to get the customers perspective on things. We do not use the site as a customer. so it is hard to decide on what is best.
Let us know!


Steal of the Day

We just started posting a “Steal of the Day”.  We will pick an item at random, whether it be a card, a piece of memorabilia, a collectible, etc. and post it on the home page with a ridiculously low price on it.

This will not be everyday. Every so often, I will be picking a day and an item and posting it on the home page. You will need to check the website regularly for the special item.

I will only make announcements on our Facebook page. This will not be posted on any boards, or other sites. You will have to like our Facebook page to keep updated on any specials we are running.

Here is the link to our Facebook page

You can click on this link, or the link on our home page.